Picnic blankets, merino alpaca throws, British umbrellas, alpaca socks


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You can customise the hand-made leather straps of our picnic blankets or Champagne buckets

Give a little Luxury

Champagne Buckets

Portable - Match it to your picnic blanket

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Natural Fibres - Breathable - Renewable

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Picnic Blankets

Waterproof - Wool - Machine washable

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For the outdoor Lovers

Our compact walker's blankets are a must-have for walking enthusiasts. Styled with one of our 100% cashmere scarves and a British Made umbrella, you are all set to go exploring in the City or the country.


Luxurious Stylish - Made in the British Isles

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British Umbrellas

English expertise - Maple or leather handles

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Walker's Blankets

Waterproof - Tweed or Organic Cotton

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Who are you shopping for?

The Picnic Lover

Gorgeous - Playful - Colourful

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The Garden Lover

Outdoor Cushions - Waterproof Backing

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The Cashmere Lover

Made in the British Isles - Super Soft

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Perfect special treats

Alpaca Socks

Lounge socks - Walking socks

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No animal or paraffin derived ingredients

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Dress socks

Designed in London - Made in France.

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Our Values

Our collection is almost made entirely in the British Isles apart from a few products that are made in France. We work with local mills, small workshops and skilled craftsmen to produce beautifully made lifestyle accessories.

Heating & Plumbing London
We work with small workshops


Heating & Plumbing London
Made in the British Isles & France

Local Production

Heating & Plumbing London
Traditional designs with a twist

Beautiful Materials

The Tool Kit Journal

Anatomy of the Perfect Picnic Blanket

Anatomy of the Perfect Picnic Blanket

In our humble opinion, if you are taking the family out for a picnic, you might as well do it the right way. To ensure that it's a fun-filled adventure rather than an...
5 Delicious & Easy Champagne cocktails for picnics!

5 Delicious & Easy Champagne cocktails for picnics!

Heating & Plumbing London have created a range of cocktails inspired by our British Picnic blanket collection that  are perfect for picnics.  The cocktails need just a few ingredients that can be pre-mixed...

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