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How to Create an Instagram-Worthy Picnic Setup

by Franck Jehanne

If you're looking to create a stunning picnic photo shoot that will make your Instagram feed pop, it's important to plan your picnic setup carefully. In this article, we'll provide expert tips and advice on how to curate an Instagram-worthy picnic that will stand out. From choosing the perfect location and styling the scene creatively to selecting the right props and capturing the best lighting, we'll cover everything you need to know to create a picture-perfect picnic.

Choosing the Ideal Picnic Setting

We want our outdoor event and nature photography to truly shine, capturing the essence of a picturesque setting. So, how do we choose the most magnificent picnic location that will make our photos stand out? Here are a few key considerations to keep in mind:

1. Aesthetic Appeal

Think about the aesthetic you want to achieve with your picnic setup. Look for a spot that boasts scenic natural beauty, such as a serene park with lush greenery or a captivating beach with an endless ocean view. The backdrop of your photos can greatly enhance the visual appeal of your picnic, so consider locations that align with your desired theme or vibe. Whether you're aiming for a romantic cottage-core aesthetic or a whimsical and colourful theme, choose a setting that complements your vision.

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2. Time of Day and Lighting

For a warm and romantic glow, consider planning your picnic during the golden hour, shortly before sunset. If vibrant and bright photos are what you're after, opt for a midday picnic when the sun is at its peak. The right lighting can truly transform your picnic photos, so be intentional in your timing.

3. Theme and Vibe

Think about the theme or vibe you want to portray in your Instagram photos. Is it a rustic, bohemian picnic with wooden accents and wildflower arrangements? Or perhaps a tropical-themed picnic with vibrant colours and tropical fruit displays? Choose a location that aligns with your desired theme or creates a charming contrast to enhance the visual impact of your setup. 

Styling the Picnic with Colour and Props

When styling your picnic, choose a colour scheme that complements your theme and creates a cohesive look. Consider incorporating colours from your environment to make your photos more harmonious.

Using picnic props is another great way to elevate the overall aesthetic of your setup. Some popular picnic props include flowers, picnic blankets, trays, cutting boards, and picnic baskets. These props add style and visual interest to your picnic and can help create a Pinterest-worthy scene.

When selecting flowers, choose ones that match your colour scheme and add a pop of colour to your setup. You can arrange them in a vase or scatter them around your picnic area for a natural, whimsical touch.

Picnic blankets are not only practical but can also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your photos. Look for blankets with vibrant colours or unique patterns that tie in with your colour scheme.

Picnic baskets are both functional and decorative. They can be used to store and transport your picnic essentials while adding a charming, vintage touch to your setup. Look for baskets with intricate weaves or unique designs.

Selecting Instagram-Worthy Food and Beverages

The food and beverages you choose for your picnic can greatly enhance your photos. Opt for visually appealing dishes that complement your theme and look beautiful in photos.

Charcuterie Board

Consider creating a charcuterie board as the centrepiece of your picnic spread. With an assortment of meats, cheeses, fruits, and crackers, a charcuterie board offers a visual feast that is sure to impress. Choose a variety of colours and textures to add visual interest and create an irresistible display. Arrange each element carefully, paying attention to symmetry and balance. Your guests will be delighted by the artistry and taste of this Instagram-worthy picnic food.

Finger Sandwiches

No picnic is complete without finger sandwiches, and they make for lovely additions to your Instagram-worthy picnic. Opt for elegant fillings like cucumber and cream cheese or roasted vegetables and hummus. Prepare them with love and attention to detail, trimming off the crusts for a polished and refined presentation. These delicate gems will not only delight your taste buds but also add a touch of elegance to your picnic setup.

Colourful Salads and Dips

Add a burst of colour and freshness to your picnic table with colourful salads and dips. Opt for vibrant vegetables, fruits, and herbs that reflect your chosen colour scheme. Arrange them in attractive serving bowls or mason jars to create a visually appealing display. Complement your charcuterie board and finger sandwiches with refreshing dips like tzatziki or homemade hummus. 

Mini Desserts: Sweet Treats to WOW Your Followers

No picnic is complete without a selection of mini desserts to tempt your guests. Indulge in bite-sized delights like macarons, mini cheesecakes, or colourful fruit tarts. These miniature sweet treats not only look adorable but also add a touch of elegance and decadence to your picnic setup. Arrange them on a tiered cake stand or a rustic wooden board for a visually stunning dessert display that will make your Instagram followers' mouths water.

Photography Tips

A high-quality camera or smartphone is crucial for capturing the best-quality images. Experiment with different angles and perspectives to showcase your picnic spread from various viewpoints. Get down low for an interesting shot of your picnic blanket and food spread, or capture a bird's eye view to portray the scene from above. Don't be afraid to try different angles and see what works best for your composition.

After capturing your photos, it's time to enhance their visual appeal. Photo editing software can be a valuable tool for adjusting brightness, contrast, and colours. Enhancing your photos can help make them truly Instagram-worthy and ready to awe your audience. Experiment with different editing techniques, but be careful not to overdo it. Aim for a natural look that enhances the beauty of your picnic setup.

Sharing Your Picnic Photos on Instagram

Now that you have captured the perfect picnic photos, it's time to share them with the world on Instagram. We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words, but the right caption can take your photo to the next level. Craft captions that tell a story or describe your picnic experience in a creative and engaging way. Let your followers feel like they were a part of the picnic adventure as they read your captions.

picnic photoshoot with preps

Researching and using relevant hashtags is crucial to increase the visibility of your photos. Hashtags help categorise your content and make it discoverable by users who are interested in similar topics. A combination of popular hashtags and niche-specific hashtags will ensure that your picnic photos reach the right audience. Be selective and strategic when choosing hashtags, using ones that are relevant to your picnic theme, location, or the emotions you want to evoke.

Tagging brands and locations in your posts can potentially open doors to exciting opportunities. Brands may notice your beautiful picnic photos and feature them on their accounts or reach out for collaborations. Similarly, tagging the location of your picnic can help your content get discovered by people searching for recommendations or inspiration in that area. It's a win-win situation!

Engagement is key to building your Instagram presence and increasing the visibility of your account. Show genuine appreciation for other users' content by liking and commenting on their photos. Engaging with the Instagram community not only establishes relationships but also exposes your account to a wider audience. Remember, the more engaged you are, the more likely others will be to reciprocate and engage with your content.

In summary, to maximise the reach and engagement of your picnic photos on Instagram, be sure to craft captivating captions, research and use relevant hashtags, tag brands and locations, and engage with other users. By following these strategies, you'll create an Instagram feed that not only tells a visual story but also attracts and captivates your audience.

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