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Love your new candle

by Franck Jehanne

Love your new Heating & Plumbing candle?  This is how we recommend you look after it so that you can prolong its life.

Our beautiful candles are hand poured, and do not contain any industrial products.  They are made from 100% plant wax with all natural fragrances.  We only use cotton wicks.  They contain no animal or paraffin based products, so besides making you feel good, they are great for the environment too. 

Our candles are made in England.

Burn Time:

When burning your Heating & Plumbing, London candle for the first time, allow it to burn for at least 2 hours until the whole top is liquid with wax as this will help the candle burn evenly next time.

The 180 ml candles burn for approximately 50 hours

The 500 ml candles have 3 wicks and burn for approximately 70 hours

Wick care:

Before you light your Heating & Plumbing candle, trim the cotton wick to 5 mm.  The shortening of wick will help the candle burn slowly and hence make it last longer. 

After blowing out your candle, re-center and straighten the wick as this will help with even burning next time you light the candle.


We recommend that you stop using the candle when 3 mm of wax remains.  Always burn the candle on a level surface. The container may get hot on the sides and base so handle with care.  Close the lid of the pharmacy jar only once the candle has been extinguished and allowed to cool down.

Never leave a burning candle unattended, and always ensure that it’s not within reach of children and pets. Space them out with at least 10 cm gap between each candle.

Do not place a burning candle in a draught or anything that can catch fire.  Keep the wax pool clear of matches, etc to avoid flaring.

We hope that those little tips will help you enjoy your Heating & Plumbing candles even more. 






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About the Author

Franck Jehanne is the co-founder of British lifestyle brand, Heating & Plumbing London. After 10 years working for Cartier and other luxury brands from the Richemont group, he started his entrepreneurial journey in 2011, leading to the creation of the brand in 2017.

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