How to love your umbrella

If you don't like strong winds and heavy rains, be aware that your umbrella doesn't like them either.

Our umbrellas are designed for normal weather conditions (don't worry that of course include rainy days !). Using your umbrella during very bad weather conditions is the best way to harm / damage it. Please note that wind damage is not considered as a faulty frame.

You like being dry? So does your umbrella.

Always leave your umbrella open and give it time to fully dry before storing it. Indeed leaving water on the underside will eventually cause irreversible damage to the umbrella.

Take time for yourself ... and for your umbrella.

It is tempting to quickly get rid of your umbrella by storing it hastily in the cupboard. Proper storing will prevent damage, such as bending of the frame. So take a few minutes to furl it cautiously.

Your umbrella hates being close to the heater.

If you store your umbrella near a radiator or a fire place, there's a risk of the wood shaft warping or the canopy material catching fire.

If you need to lean on something, call a friend.

Your umbrella is not a walking stick or a cane, so don't use it as such.

Do not mistake your rain umbrella for a parasol.

Our umbrellas are suitable for use under the rain and if used in harsh sun the colour is likely to fade.

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