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Unique Picnic Themes That Everyone Will Love

by Franck Jehanne

Planning the perfect picnic can be a fun and exciting challenge! With a little thought, you can plan an outdoor meal that will create great memories for yourself and your friends.

Whether you’re celebrating an outdoor birthday party or simply getting together with friends, these unique picnic themes will ensure your gathering is vibrant, fresh, and of course, delicious! Read on to find out more about creating the ultimate picnic atmosphere that everyone will love.

Beach Theme

A beach picnic theme is a great way to celebrate a special occasion or just enjoy an extra fun summer outing. To execute this awesome beach theme, you'll want to pick out decorations that make you feel like the perfect day at the beach. Starfish, seashells, brightly coloured buckets and floats, and plenty of sand all make great additions to this decor scheme!

waterproof picnic blanket with accessories

You should also think about all the fun activities your guests can have at the beach, such as burying one another in the sand and playing classic options like Frisbee or volleyball. Finally, add some flavorful snacks inspired by a relaxed end-of-summer day: think freshly made sangria or margaritas, Mexican dishes full of spices, salsa with homemade chips and dips, and even some tiki torches for your evening.

BBQ Theme

There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned BBQ thematic picnic to get everyone in the summer mood. The key is to make sure you have all the necessary components: some yummy meat and poultry, condiments galore, something cool to sip on and, of course, plenty of napkins! 

Preparing hot dogs and hamburgers for everyone to indulge in is always a great idea, but unique dishes like grilled sweet potatoes and zucchini will add more flavour to the party. Homemade baked beans or macaroni salad also provide an extra rich touch. Decorate the area with classic red-and-white checked tablecloths and some fun blow-up shapes of corn on cobs, pigs, and cows, so it really looks like a backyard BBQ!

Don't forget to add a little bit of ambience with country music playing in the background. There you have it - the perfect BBQ picnic theme that everyone can enjoy!

Luau Theme

Create a truly tropical paradise by planning an unforgettable luau picnic! The focus should be on incorporating natural, vibrant colours and flavours with fun activities. Start with an inviting tropical theme - colourful flower leis, beachy decorations, vibrant cushions, and thatched umbrellas will all create the perfect ambience.

To make the menu unique, why not mix traditional favourites like Kalua pork and poi with fresh fruits and veggies like pineapple salsa and coconut cucumber salad? To add to the experience, introduce some Polynesian games like Kan Jam or a Hula Hoop toss! And, of course, no luau would be complete without some lively music - bust out some Island classics as everyone has a blast getting in the vacation vibes. 

Picnic on the Porch/Patio/Balcony

A picnic on the porch, patio, or balcony is one theme you can pull off, no matter what your living space looks like. For smaller spaces, a potluck-style get-together is an easy way to share food without overcrowding. For those with enough space, pull an outdoor table onto your porch or deck and set up an inviting atmosphere – think cozy blankets, festive pillows and twinkly lights.

Once you have it set up, make sure you stock up on all the classic picnic staples like sandwiches and fruit salad, but don’t forget any extras you’d like to include, such as snacks and lemonade. Finally, break out the board games or an easily packable game like bean bag toss and let the fun begin!

Wine and Cheese Party Theme

A wine and cheese picnic is a great option for an elegant and fun outing. To pull off this theme, start by finding a beautifully scenic spot for your picnic - views of rolling hills or sparkling ocean are ideal! Prepare your selection of artisan cheeses, carefully paired with perfectly chilled white or red wines. Our Champagne buckets come in handy for this one!

wine and cheese party picnic theme

To accompany your gourmet Cheese & Wine spread, assorted fruity bites are perfect to round out the menu. Add comfortable seating options such as blankets and pillows, and create simple yet stunning centrepieces with flowers and candles to add some sparkle to the occasion! It's sure to be a hit among all your guests!

Masquerade Theme

To make a picnic with a masquerade theme memorable, plan activities that get everyone involved. You could invite guests to craft their own masks or provide them ahead of time. You could also have a contest for who has the best costume and whose mask best captures the spirit of the masquerade.

Music is essential at any picnic, so incorporate tunes that people can dance to while wearing their masks and costumes. Lastly, hang decorations like subtle string lights in the trees and set out vibrant fabrics to cover your picnic blankets for a truly immersive experience. With all these elements combined, you'll have an enchanting picnic that's sure to be talked about for weeks after!

Tea Party Picnic Theme

An outdoor tea party picnic can make for a great summer experience! Gather some friends, prepare a light feast, and enjoy the great outdoors - the scene is set for an amazing afternoon. Start by setting the mood with a cluster of pretty parasols, patterned blankets, and petite furnishings.

Make sure to bring your teacups, teapots, and of course, fresh tea leaves to give it that old-fashioned British vibe. Include baskets filled with goodies such as scones, sandwiches, finger sweets and all the fancy little trimmings that go with a proper High Tea. Don't forget the fillings and spreads like jams and clotted cream too!

Great Gatsby-Inspired Roaring Twenties Picnic Theme

If you're looking to throw a fun and unforgettable picnic that everyone will love, look no further than the Great Gatsby-Inspired Roaring Twenties picnic theme. To begin, create a space that looks like it's right out of the Jazz Age, line white tablecloths with gold-rimmed plates and mini crystal chandeliers while you set up oversized cigar boxes as décor.

Choose music from the era to jazz up the atmosphere - think Elvis Presley or The Beatles! For activities, hold a Charleston dance contest or reenact some scenes from The Great Gatsby or F. Scott Fitzgerald's books. Make sure to dress to impress with elegant feathers, pearls and flapper dresses for the women and sharp suits for the men in honour of Jay Gatsby. Finally, prepare savoury charcuterie boards and classic lavender lemonade for drinks in an effort to provide the perfect vintage experience for your guests!

Vintage or Retro Picnic Theme

A vintage or retro picnic is the perfect way to transport your closest friends and family back in time! To really go all out, you'll need to bring along items that reflect a specific time period, like simple 1940s enamelware for serving dishes, retro-looking scooters for fun transportation, and picnic blankets with classic prints.

To complete the aesthetic, ask everyone to dress in their favourite vintage finds or vintage-inspired outfit. Set up a delicious picnic that features homemade treats like cake pops, delightful cupcakes, and finger sandwiches served on platters. Top it off with games from different eras, such as scavenger hunts and quoits. Enjoy the afternoon making memories with your nearest and dearest while rocking old tunes – true food for the soul!

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Franck Jehanne is the co-founder of British lifestyle brand, Heating & Plumbing London. After 10 years working for Cartier and other luxury brands from the Richemont group, he started his entrepreneurial journey in 2011, leading to the creation of the brand in 2017.

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