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National Picnic Week June 19th - 27th, 2021

by Franck Jehanne

Picnic blankets for garden party

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National Picnic Week is here! The travesty that was last year is all but forgotten, no more Zoom picnics, please and thank you. This year we’re going to help guide you on how to make this #NationalPicnicWeek is the most memorable one in its history!

With National Picnic Week’s consistent rise in popularity and with lockdown easing means people are curious about how best to spend the magical week. So, we scrolled through the public’s most pressing picnic questions and we’re going to answer them for you in this article!

What is National Picnic Week?

Well, it’s a celebration of all things picnic related! It’s a time-honoured tradition that deserves it’s own celebratory week and we are celebrating being together again.

Last year wasn’t the easiest for a lot of people, so this year, we’re getting together to be with friends and family once again and this time it’s going to be one to remember!

What to take to National Picnic Week


If there’s no food, then it’s not a picnic, that’s the rule! It’s about loved ones coming together and sharing some delicious food. That is what mainly constitutes a picnic!

picnic food on a blanket

You don’t have to bring much food, it all depends on how many people are going and if everyone is bringing their own food. The great thing about picnics is they can be incredibly inexpensive, which leaves them open to everyone from all walks of life.

A person

It can be 1 person, or it can be 200 people, but you need to be able to sit and eat with someone for it to be considered a picnic. It can be someone you have a crush on, making it a picnic date (which are always popular), or you can bring a friend or family and have a heart-to-heart. It’s a great way to socialise and share a sombre moment with someone you care about. 

A picnic blanket

If you really want, you can sit on the plain grass, that can be great! But a picnic blanket really sets the tone of the picnic and really can be a great way to show off your personality.

Might we recommend our own waterproof picnic blankets? We have tons to choose from and they’re incredible quality! We also have our Walker’s Blankets, they’re a bit smaller but they’re much easier to put in your bag and travel around with.

Their compact form gives you the freedom to have a picnic whenever and wherever you want!

Rules to Follow During National Picnic Week

It’s important to still follow COVID-19 safety protocols even with restrictions being lifted. So wearing a mask is important, if you have any symptoms or any systems it's important to stay home and get tested.

Just because you think a picnic sounds like fun doesn’t mean you should jeopardize the health of others! Also, it’s best to stay a safe distance away from other people picnicking around you. It’s important to make sure that everyone around you is feeling safe as well as yourself.

picnic rules during national picnic week

Other rules include picking up after yourself! That’s right, some people really need to be told off in this respect. Let’s do our bit for the environment as it’s been doing its bit for billions of years.  As the saying goes, “leave no trace”!

If you are bringing a dog it’s important to keep them on a leash. This is to avoid any dogs running off and ruining someone else's picnic. This would be breaking COVID protocol as well as just breaking all rules in regards to picnic etiquette.

Great Spots for National Picnic Week

The awesome thing about picnics is that you can have them anywhere. The world is your dinner table! Whatever your mind conjures up is in fact possible! Just please don’t break into somewhere you shouldn’t...let’s keep within the realms of the law, shall we?

A great time to have a picnic is after a museum trip! What can be better than seeing some beautiful art with your beautiful friends and discussing it afterwards with sandwiches and drinks? Things don’t get much more pleasant than that! Or if you’re able, a picnic on the beach is always heavenly. Being able to watch the sunset from the safety of your Heating & Plumbing London picnic blanket is a #NationalPicnicWeek experience that can only be dreamt of!

If you prefer to stay at home, you can have a cosy time having a picnic on your backyard or balcony. Grab some of your closest friends together and it can be a very warm and intimate time, sharing food with the people you care most about. 

A lake can be a very sombre and beautiful place to share a moment with someone. An underrated place to have a picnic though, is in the city! You can find some lovely little pockets of sunshine in the city, ever had a picnic on a rooftop overlooking London? 

Fun Facts About National Picnic Week

Here a couple facts to get you in the mood for #NationalPicnicWeek!

  • The style of picnics as we know them began after the French Revolution! The Royal Parks that once barred pedestrians from entering were opened and thus this is why we primarily have picnics at the park!
  • The most popular picnic snack? A packet of crisps! Not super luxurious but absolutely a necessity at every picnic.
  • The average person goes to a picnic 3 times a year, which seems pretty low to us. We have got to double it this year!
  • France, the creators of the picnicking as we know it, primarily celebrate Bastille Day with a picnic! The UK’s favourite time to have a picnic is, well...anytime! Depending on the weather, obviously. It does seem though, that National Picnic Week is becoming the time to have a picnic for the Brits, woo!
  • Did you know that picnics began as indoor events? It was also  primarily for the aristocracy.

Activities During the National Picnic Week

There are tons of ways you can make National Picnic Week, this year, be an exciting and fresh experience! You can always try something new and exciting or you can stick to a classic that you know is bulletproof and will be adored by everyone at the picnic. 

An underrated but very fun way to turn a windy day into a great one, is kiting. Kiting can be a bit tricky but once you get the hang of it, it can feel incredibly rewarding and fun! It also doubles a bit of exercise if you want to keep fit this National Picnic Week.

Board games are another way to make your picnic a memorable one! Mix a couple of cocktails up and play some scrabble, what’s not to love? It’s a really fun and engaging way to get everyone involved and you’ll always make a memory. Someone is going to think a word that doesn’t exist is real, and you’re going to be able to hold that over them for weeks. Isn’t that what we all want in the end?

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