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Picnic Gift Basket Ideas

by Franck Jehanne

British picnic blanket

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Ah, summer is finally here, and lockdown is easing! Oh no, but wait, that means there will be a ton to celebrate with friends and family...weddings, birthdays, delayed family parties, the list could be endless!

If you planning to organize a picnic, use out handy picnic packing list here. If, however, you only look to give a gift that is useful for the summer, read on to learn how to choose a picnic basket gift.

Gift giving can be very stressful, especially when there is a lot to buy for a lot of occasions. We’re going to help guide you on how best to pack those picnic gift baskets and how your gift can stand out this summer. Now obviously you’ll want to tweak these accordingly to suit the personality of the person you’re gifting:

Are Picnic Gift Baskets Worth It?

They are! Picnic baskets are unique and can be a beautiful and thoughtful gift. Picnic baskets are also very permanent gifts, the person you’re gifting it to is going to use that same basket for their own picnics in future. Also, if it’s a bit of an older picnic basket, it could possibly even become a family heirloom in future, those things can be surprisingly valuable!

Even if they’re not from the vintage end of things, it’s a lovely gift. You can personalise each one to suit the person you’re buying for, or you can buy a premade picnic hamper full of lovely delicious things! This can be a great time saver but also adds a bit of brand recognition to proceedings.

What To Put Inside a Gift Basket

Wedding Picnic Gift Basket

Don’t even think about giving money, it’s done, it’s lazy and we can do better than that! A wedding gift can be an incredible thing, you have to make sure you understand the couple’s dynamic, what they like individually and what sets them apart from other couples.

Personalised gifts are popular and for a reason, they work as a timestamp on the occasion and they’re imbued with a feeling of permanence and forever, and that is always a lovely sentiment to have in a wedding gift.

picnic gift basket for a wedding

Things like personalised glassware or mugs are small gifts that mean a lot and are frequently used, becoming staples in the couple's household. Wine is obviously a great choice to include, as well as chocolates and you can even go for something quirky, like unique jams!

We’ll throw our hat in the ring and suggest one of our personalised straps and a picnic blanket. Picnic blankets make absolutely terrific gifts and will almost definitely be used on their honeymoon, and isn't that what we all want? For our gifts to actually get used? Of course that’s what we want.

Birthday Picnic Gift Basket

Birthdays are infinitely easier than weddings to gift for, you’re focussing on one person and you’re bound to know what they’re into. It’s important to personalise the contents of your picnic basket to the person you’re giving the picnic basket to so feel free to include things that may not traditionally go into a picnic basket that they like.

If they like movies, why not put a cool poster in there of their favourite movie? You can also mix these with more traditional gifts like wine, candles, cheese...just make sure they’re stored in a nice dry environment! It’s a unique and beautiful gift and one they will remember for a long time! Don’t forget to always leave a nice note in the basket...

‘Thank You’ Picnic Gift Basket

There are so many reasons to say “thank you”, it can be because a vet saved your pet’s life, or a friend gave you some great personal advice, or just a simple thank you to someone that has been great to you over the years.

picnic baskets can make great gifts

After a long lockdown, we’re finally coming out of it and we’re looking to friends and family to build bridges and come back to some semblance of normality. A classy way to say thank you is to add flowers.

Flowers improve any gift basket infinitely and are a great way to add colour to your gift, also, make it memorable by being sneaky and asking them what their favourite flower is. This requires some stealthy conversational skills but we believe in you!

‘Congratulations’ Picnic Gift Basket

It’s a celebration! Please wait before you stick fireworks in the picnic gift basket, let’s talk about some alternatives first. A cute but subtle celebratory gift can be a tin of biscuits, preferably something a bit fancy. Who doesn’t love a good biscuit? They’re definitely going to be eaten and I think that’s all that needs to be said in that regard.

A balloon can be a really nice touch, maybe something personalised and tied to the basket handle, that always makes things very memorable.

Champagne is obviously a must, can’t go wrong with champagne. While you are at it, why not add one of our popular Champagne coolers to the basket too.

I’d also throw some fancy cheeses together, maybe a small little cutting board and a knife (obviously make sure to find out if they’re lactose intolerant or not). A lovely but unusual gift is also a dehumidifier! These things are absolute life savers on humid days and are always in use, so it’s a great way to get them to remember you.

What Do You Put in a Romantic Picnic Gift basket?

A romantic picnic blanket is an awesome way to tell someone you love them. It can be catered to them however you wish, you can fill it with stuff you know they’ll love. That can be food related things like cheese and biscuits, wine, or diet coke if they don’t drink! You also can’t forget to add chocolates, we suggest truffles, can’t go wrong with truffles!

You can also fill it with non-food items like books you know they’ll love, or little gifts like a new pair of sunglasses, a make-up set or a DVD of that movie you’ve always wanted to watch together. Another great non-food item you can put in a romantic picnic basket is a wedding ring! Picnics can be a beautiful occasion to pop the question. 

How Do I Choose a Picnic Gift Basket?

Well, that is up to you and how well you know the person you’re gifting the picnic basket to. Do you think they would appreciate a more traditional wicker ensemble?

Maybe you think a cooler bag can be used as a picnic gift basket, we’re not here to judge! You want to look for factors that could be important to the person you’re giving the picnic basket to.

Are they a big picnic person already? Or will they throw the basket out afterwards? Hopefully not! So make sure you prepare something sensible for them and have reusability on the mind. Here are some factors to take into consideration.


First is size. The bigger the picnic basket, the bigger the picnic! If you know the person you’re gifting is really big into picnics, your priority has to be size! Also, if your main goal is primarily gift giving, you can fit in more gifts with a bigger basket too. So your ideas can be as big and grandiose as your heart is!


Another big choice is the amount of compartments available. This is less about how much is being brought to the picnic, and more to do with variety, and absolutely everyone loves variety at a picnic! If you think the person you’re gifting the basket to is more into selection than size, then the amount of compartments available is what you have to focus on! Let’s not forget, variety is the spice of life!


Lastly, a very important factor for every picnic basket is insulation. The importance of insulation can’t be understated in regards to picnics. Nobody wants warm coleslaw, nobody at all. There is a danger that all the food that was worked so hard on can go uneaten and get thrown in the bin, that is not what we want at all. It’s all dependent on the type of food being taken to so take that into consideration too.

If you believe a cooler bag to be a picnic gift basket alternative, it can also be a great way to gift cold drinks if that’s what they’re into! Could be a fantastic gift for a dad.

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