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Picnic Outfits For Guys

by Franck Jehanne
Guy in white t-shirt on the beach

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There are a ton of misconceptions about guys' attitudes towards dressing for an occasion, for example, that it’s’s almost never easy! Making sure you look good can be exhausting, going back and forth between outfits, checking the weather every 20 mins to make sure you’re not caught overdressing. Nothing like a bit of sweat to ruin the picnic you’ve been really excited about...yuck.

Picnics are their own beast. You’ve got to bring something good to eat, bring your best conversational starts and the most important part, you’ve got to look great, especially if you are planning a picnic date. We are going to guide you on how to tame that beast and have an outfit ready for any occasion!

What To Wear When It’s Sunny At A Picnic


It’s all about breathability. It’s incredibly important for you to make sure that you are not getting hot. Hot means sweating, sweating means clothes getting wet and wet clothes are never, ever good. Not only does linen keep you cool, they’re an incredibly versatile garment. You can wear them with jeans, loafers, trainers and chinos, the possibilities are endless!


A good pair of loafers can be a guy's best friend for years. They are great for any occasion but we think they’re best when it’s nice and sunny outside. You can wear them with or without socks, so you can pair them with jeans, chinos or shorts. Picnics are all about looking relaxed and giving off a chill vibe and loafers do exactly that.


Shorts are important, they’re freedom in clothing form and like the trusty loafer, give you an easy way to look relaxed and picnic-ready.

outfit for a sunny picnic day


A benefit to shorts is that they also allow you to be able to play picnic games comfortably! Frisbee? Rounders? Croquet? Shorts mean you’ve left the door open to fun and games! An easy must-wear at a picnic.

Long sleeve t-shirt

A theme in this article is definitely flexibility, and all the best outfits have some form of it. That's because picnics are malleable get-togethers, they’re flexible! So dressing to match that mood is important, and a long sleeve t-shirt can be a great way to do that. Whether it’s a plain shirt, has a cool graphic print or is striped, they’re incredibly great ways to dress in a cool, breezy fashion. 

What To Wear When It’s Cloudy At A Picnic

Cropped trousers

The easiest way to look stylish at a picnic is with a nice pair of cropped trousers. You can compliment them with some nice dressy socks, or you can go bare ankled for a casual, easy going look. It’s all dependent on your footwear! The great thing about cropped trousers is that they give you an open door to endless footwear options. You can wear loafers, trainers, boots or sandals. The footwear world is your oyster with cropped trousers. 

Cotton t-shirt

Picnics are all about that cosy feeling of being surrounded by the people you love, and what’s cosier than cotton? A cloudy picnic can’t dampen your mood when you're in your snug cotton t-shirt. The tighter weave will keep you warmer on cloudier days, not just that but the freedom will give you the ability to throw anything over yourself like a cardigan, a button-up shirt or a jacket. 

Flannel shirt

A flannel shirt can be an incredible piece in anybody’s wardrobe. No flannel is the same so you can bet that you’ll never be caught wearing the same flannel as someone else so that fear is out the window. They’re a very picnic-friendly garment, can be left open or closed depending on the weather and how you’re feeling, either way you’re going to look real cool.


Now, what to say about jeans that hasn’t already been said? The endless amount of styles and their durability means they’re a fan favourite, but are they great for picnics? Yes! Providing that your shoes and your top match the style of jeans you’ve got on. We think that a simple straight leg pair of jeans go perfect with a flannel shirt and slip-on trainers. It’s all dependent on how you dress around your jeans, so make sure you’re not caught wearing a pair of wide-legs with your loafers!

What To Wear On A Picnic Date

Oxford shirt

The oxford shirt is a timeless garment built for every occasion. From the office to the seaside, these shirts are incredibly versatile and with the endless designs and options available, you’ll be able to express yourself however you please.

guy wearing shirt on a picnic date


It's important to make your mark on a picnic date and a unique oxford shirt can be a great way to do that. The great thing about them is that you can have them buttoned up to keep things suave and sophisticated, or you can unbutton a couple of them and give yourself a cool, laid back vibe that your date is going to appreciate.


Chinos are a picnic-outfit essential. They provide you with a comfortable pair of bottoms to build your outfit from. Their versatility means you can wear them in a formal manner as well as casual. It’s all about balance and chinos provide them in abundance. They come in an endless number of colours, so you can go to the picnic with a pop of colour to get noticed, or go for a relaxed tone to blend in and chill with a drink. 

Slip-on trainers

Nothing says easy-living like slip-on trainers. Laces? No thank you, that’s too much work for a Saturday! These shoes paired with a nice pair of chinos are a great combination. They also give you that much-desired cool and calm look that is necessary for a picnic date’s energy to be the correct one.

Great Accessories for Any Picnic Outfit


It’s impossible to make an outfit bad by wearing sunglasses, it’s just not going to happen. Whether it’s sunny or not, you’re going to look incredibly suave at that picnic. The best thing about sunglasses is that you don’t need to spend a lot to get a nice pair. You can have 2 or 3 to choose from that you can mix-and-match?

Going for a round frame to compliment your linen shirt? Or maybe a square frame suits your flannel shirt? Make sure you're picnic-ready with a sleek pair of shades.


A British umbrella is not only a stylish accessory to a picnic outfit, it can be also very practical too. Pick a fun colour for extra style points!


A watch is all about giving off the right feeling. A huge, shiny watch is not going to be the right idea for a picnic. A subtle, leather strap can work wonders and really round off an outfit nicely. A digital watch works in a similar way, too. It’s about making sure your watch suits your outfit. We suggest an analogue watch with an oxford shirt and some cropped trousers, and a digital watch can go well with a nice flannel shirt and jeans.

Tote Bag

You can’t go to a picnic empty handed, it’s impolite! So a great and stylish way to bring something delicious is via a tote bag. The great thing about tote bags is that we all have one and they all have a story to tell, they’re environmentally friendly and are great ways to express yourself on top of your outfit!

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