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Picnic Games for Adults - Have More Fun on Your Next Outing

by Franck Jehanne

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It's picnic season, and we all know what that means! Picnics are a great way to get outside in the sunshine and enjoy some time with friends and family.

It’s also an excellent opportunity for you to have fun with your friends while getting competitive by playing games.

So pack your picnic blanket, cooler and basket, pick some of these games adults enjoy playing, and start having a blast at your next get-together!

Here are some more game ideas specifically for kids and seniors too.

Team Picnic Games

Potato Sack Race

If you're looking for a fun activity that will have family and friends rolling on the ground with laughter, then watch people sack racing. This game is perfect for playing at any party or picnic!

You will need one burlap sack for each participant. Races become more fun with more participants.

  • To begin, participants will run to the sack and put both feet in before starting to hop towards the finish line.
  • Participants must keep both feet and one hand on the sack at all times.
  • The sack should stay as close to the waist as possible and shouldn't fall below the knees.
  • Whoever crosses the finish line first wins.

Giant Jenga

Excitement is in the air when you break out this giant Jenga game at your next picnic. This giant version is a lot more fun than the traditional one.

All Jenga sets feature 54 wooden blocks for building the tower. The outdoor versions are bigger and stronger to withstand wear and tear, so if assembled correctly, they can measure anywhere from 60 cm up to 150cm in height!


The game of ultimate frisbee is an energetic, fast-paced sport for people who want to have a lot of fun. The only equipment needed is some cones and the most important piece - a frisbee! You can play soccer field size or anything as long as you're able to mark the end zones with something like flags or chalk.

woman catching frisbee

One team throws the frisbee from opposite ends of the field. During play, the frisbee can be intercepted, caught, or deflected by the teams. To win, you have to catch the frisbee in your opponent's end zone.

Four-Legged Race

A four-legged race is more difficult than a 3-legged race. Have your group get close and comfy by tying each other together with string to run the race. A team of four will be connected at their ankles, which means they need to coordinate just as close so that no one falls over during the game!

Connect Four

This is also a great team picnic game, especially for competitive people. Connect Four is a strategy game that can be played by two people or as part of an entire team.

Tournaments are easy to set up and don't require any specialised equipment, so they're perfect for summer picnics, backyard BBQs, company parties, tailgating at football games - anything where you want some good old-fashioned fun!


Spikeball is a circular net game that can be played on the lawn or at the beach. It has rules similar to volleyball, so you're guaranteed to get your sweat on! The set-up of this portable game is easy, and it comes with a carrying bag for convenience when taking it along during outings.

Bocce Ball

Bring the whole group outside for some bonding time with a fun game. Bocce ball is an ancient Italian tradition, and it's about to become your next favourite thing.

people playing bocce ball during picnic

The rules are easy: throw or roll balls until you get close enough to one of them that they hit yours and knock it closer to the target! This activity has elements from bowling and curling, so if your friends love either or both sports, then bocce will be right up their alley too - plus no expensive equipment necessary!

Ring Toss

Ring Toss is one of the most popular games for people to play at a picnic. How many rings will land on the spokes? And what's on the line? For adults, each ring gets you an alcoholic drink or seltzer beverage. But if it's kids' turn this time around, their prize might be just that much sweeter-a piece of candy or cake!


Horseshoes is a traditional game for seniors that requires some skills and strategy. Outscore your opponent by tossing horseshoes closer to the stake than their closest one. You’ll need a flat area, two horseshoe sets per player, and a stake.

Card Games

Card games are a perfect way for adults to enjoy themselves, and they come in handy at any picnic. There is no need for anything other than the deck of cards you have on hand when deciding which card game seniors love playing!

There's no shortage of card game choices for adults; they enjoy playing these classics just as much as any youngster would.

Some great senior-friendly card games out there include Crazy Eights, Old Maid or Solitaire - which one will take your fancy?


Scrabble is an excellent game for all people, not just seniors. It's an easy and fun way to spend time with friends or family at picnics! It's like crossword puzzles, but you're forming words instead of solving them!

You win points for the letters or tiles that include each word, so make sure your strategy in choosing which letter goes where matters if you want an edge over all others on the board.


Cornhole is a classic lawn game that often makes an appearance at backyard parties (or even weddings!), but it's just as much fun to play at the beach or picnic.

To play, all you need are two boards with holes on one end of each board for the corn bags to go through.

Picnic Games For Couples

Talk, Flirt, Dare!

Talk, Flirt, Dare is a game for couples to engage in dating-style conversation. It's fun and flirty - perfect for those who are newly dating or have been together years! If you're on your first date or starting lots of conversations with your spouse, then this game will get the creative juices flowing as you learn more about each other. Great picnic activity too!

Truth Or Dare

Truth or dare is one of the best games for couples to play at a picnic. It can easily be turned into an exciting discussion, and some fun questions might also make your lover blush!

Ask funny or personal questions if they choose ‘truth’ and pick dares when the person picks 'dare.' It will add some added spice in things with delicious treats and thrilling excitement.

Origami Games

For couples who are creatively inclined, making origami can be a great way to spend time together. Doing fun and creative things with your partner is sure to bring some spice into the relationship!

If you're not already an expert at it, no worries - try searching YouTube for instructional videos on how best to fold those colourful papers up ;) You could even make this a game by seeing which one of you folds faster or competes against each other.


Charades are a fun game that can be played with just one other person. Playing charades in a couple means you'll get to choose the clues - from inside jokes and personal favourite movies, all the way down to phrases you often say together!

The best part is getting up close and personal with each other while trying not to break out laughing when someone guesses correctly; this sounds like an excellent date game!


Roleplay is a great way to get intimate with your significant other without having any physical contact. It's also super fun and interactive! Get ready for some kissing, flirting, and touching as you go through the day pretending to be characters from books or TV shows that both of you enjoy.

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