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5 British Picnic Destinations to Visit After the Lockdown

by Franck Jehanne

It may be hard to believe during a lockdown, but spring is getting closer and with it, our ability for going for a picnic as well.

With international travel still largely unavailable, a staycation in the gorgeous British countryside will be one of the best options for an outing on the fresh air with friends and family.

In this spirit, we have decided to give you some inspiration by highlighting some of the best picnic destinations Britain has to offer.

If you like one or more of our suggestions, there is still time to stock up on supplies such as our large, waterproof British picnic blankets, outdoor cushions and Champagne buckets so you can get the most out of your picnic adventure.

Castlerigg Stone Circle, Keshwick

Visiting this ancient stone monument will surely impress the kids. Setting up camp near the prehistoric site will let you enjoy a spectacular sight with some of the tallest peaks of Lake District providing a gorgeous backdrop.

Make sure to pack plenty of nutritious food and water as the area offers many scenic walking routes you will want to explore.

Don’t forget to take an extra battery pack for your phones as you will be constantly tempted to make pictures during this trip.

Cannock Chase, Staffordshire

Cannock Chase is the picnic spot to go to if you plan to combine your lunch with a bicycle ride. The area is holding the title of Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, for good reason.

With numerous walking and biking trails in the area, as well as several points of interest such as hill fort, museums and war memorials, this is a spot for a half or full day outing.

Make sure to pack accordingly, including some raincoats and umbrellas in addition to plenty of food and liquids.

Barafundle Bay, Pembrokshire

If beaches are your thing, there are few better options in Britain than the golden sandy beach of Barafundle Bay.

This secluded, award-winning bay offers refreshment during hotter days when you can explore the beautiful, clear water of the sea, rock pools and coves in the area.

If you are planning to move around after a picnic on the beach, the coastal trails of Pembrokesire provide plenty of walking or biking options.

Make sure you pack food and water wisely as there are no facilities within half-a-mile of the beach.

Port Meadow, Oxford

If you would rather combine picnic with a culture trip, Oxford is where you wanna go. After spending time enjoying the many cultural attractions, museums and collages of Oxford, you can head to the nearby Port Meadow for a lunch outside.

The lush green meadow near the river Thames is an ideal spot to spread your picnic rugs and unpack your baskets.

If you discover you are still missing a few food items, you can pop by the pick-your-own farm on the way and get fresh supplies.

If you are going with kids, the presence of horses, cattle, geese and other water fowl offers a good opportunity to get some animal photos too.

Devil’s Dyke, West Sussex

Devil’s Dyke, the longest and deepest valley of Britain offers views few other places can compete with. For the best scenery, you wanna head to the top of one of the hills at the edge of South Downs.

If you get there early enough, the morning mist covering the lush greens of the valley provide a mystical landscape that is picture worthy.

This picnic spot lets kids play around rolling down the hills or flying kites. Plan for at least a half-day trip as the area is vast with many trails and panoramic spots you can check out.

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Franck Jehanne is the co-founder of British lifestyle brand, Heating & Plumbing London. After 10 years working for Cartier and other luxury brands from the Richemont group, he started his entrepreneurial journey in 2011, leading to the creation of the brand in 2017.

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