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7 unusual ideas to make your Valentine's day extra special in 2022

by Franck Jehanne

It is time to  shine the light on your romantic skills. The best dates are all about spending quality time together, and a great idea will create a memorable day!

No matter if you are a master at Valentine's Day or if you dread every second of it. If you are looking for inspiration, let us help you conquer those twenty-four hours of romance with our selection of Valentine’s Day ideas.

Go on a “blind date” with each together.

Have you heard of “Dans le Noir” in London? The first “Blind Date” that is unlikely to go wrong. You and your partner will be led to your seats where you can enjoy a delicious meal in total darkness. The wine, the food, each other… you won’t be able to see anything! It is a real sensory experience full of excitement and surprises.

When arriving back at home, why not make the experience last and only keep our "Lost in Love" candle burning as the only source of lights.  With notes of Fig Leaves, Raspberry, Cassis, and Plum, this fruity scent is dedicated to Love and that so special moment when nothing else is important.  

Star gazing with a sparkle

Pick up your favourite take-away dinner and drive to a scenic location for stargazing. Perfect for romantic couples. Add a hint of competition and see if one of you can find a new constellation!

Little tip: add a little sparkle with a bottle of Champagne. If you are at a loss on what is the best bottle to buy, Sommelier Amy Racine spoke with Esquire Magazine about the best Champagne to drink right now.

Make it extra special with our Happy Go Sparkly Champagne buckets.

Become a Mixologist for the night

Create your own cocktails with the help of an online class or a book. Add an extra level of interest by mixing each other’s drinks and trying to guess the content! Cocktail making is a difficult art to master, so get ready to learn together and train to be the best hosts for your next party!

Our Champagne charmers are a playful add-on to cocktails and a fabulous ice breaker when you have a small party.  Allocate each personality to your guests or watch them fight to get their favourite one. 



Escape to the beautiful British countryside

Breath fresh air, enjoy the sunshine (if the weather allows it)... Picnic dates in winter are so very British! Order the menu from your favourite restaurant or keep things simple. All you really need is something chilled and something tasty … you already have the best company!

If you live in or around London, we want to help you find the perfect location so we’ve put together a selection of 5 picnic destinations to visit.

If you don’t want to go too far, you might be interested in “Creating a perfect picnic in your garden!”


No picnic is complete without a comfortable waterproof wool blanket

Wild camping

Wild camping can be an extremely exciting escapade and spending the night cuddling up by the fire is be the perfect ending to an adventurous day outdoors. Wild camping involves setting up camp outside a campsite, right in the wilderness, so make sure you research your chosen area ahead of time.

Time Out has put together a selection of beautiful places for those in the UK.

Our ultimate picnic toolkit will bring some extra comfort: the cushions and blanket have a waterproof backing, so that the dampness can stay away. And the Champagne bucket can conveniently be hung in the nearest tree.  




Date night in: stay cosy indoors

Do you ever feel that the routine keeps getting in the way of your attempts to spend quality time together? Clear your mind from any attempt at productivity and relax together in your cosy corner.

If you share a passion for food, order from a new restaurant or pick a couple of fantastic recipes from your favourite cookbook and spend a few hours cooking together.

One of our chef is Ottolenghi and we can’t advise enough to cook from his books:

Cosy up on the sofa after dinner for an after dinner drink with one of our beautiful throws and our Nightcap candle on.



Baking together: breakfast for lunch

Baking together can be a very romantic experience. There is something cheeky about the possibility to have a first-class breakfast late in the day. Waffles are a great choice, but we personally think nothing can beat the smell and taste of a freshly baked Madeleine.

A successful romantic day is all about orchestrating little ideas and surprises to break each other's daily routine.  Happy Valentine!


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About the Author

Franck Jehanne is the co-founder of British lifestyle brand, Heating & Plumbing London. After 10 years working for Cartier and other luxury brands from the Richemont group, he started his entrepreneurial journey in 2011, leading to the creation of the brand in 2017.

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