Pure new wool picnic blanket - Rainbow
Rainbow pure new wool outdoor rug with grey waterproof backing and a handmade yellow, red or white carrying leather strap. Made in Britain. Our luxury waterproof picnic blankets will make your picnics comfy, dry and stylish! Each rug is large enough and ideal...
"Keep Your Cool" Champagne Bucket - Yellow Leather Strap
Our "Keep Your Cool" Champagne bucket range is just fun and playful.   It was created for those summer evenings spent on the beach or in a local park with a picnic and a nice bottle of rosé or champagne that needs to...
Waterproof Outdoor Cushion in Pure New Wool - Rainbow
  We have created a collection of fun and playful outdoor cushions matching our best selling picnic blankets and portable Champagne buckets.   These super cute, light & comfy cushions are the ultimate accessory for posh picnics and garden living!  Soft pure...
Freshly Landed!
Kids picnic blanket - Rainbow
Brand New:  We are very excited to launch our bestselling Rainbow picnic blanket in a new smaller size just for kids!   Fun Rainbow pure new wool outdoor blanket with yellow waterproof backing and a super cute specially made yellow carrying leather strap. Created especially...
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